Office Gallery Wall

I am so excited to share my new gallery wall with you today! Over the last couple of weeks I set aside some time to finally decorate my home office. I’ve been using this room as my office for about three years, but gave priority to the other rooms in my home with decorating energy and expense. This spring I found the perfect desk and a coordinating book shelf, and that was all I needed to get things moving!

When my parents visited two weeks ago, I asked my Mom if she would help me with the gallery wall above my desk. She was very happy to oblige and got right to work on it! I acted as her assistant, handing her pictures and tools while she did all the work. πŸ™‚ Here it is!

Here’s the process she used to get everything looking the way we wanted:

  • Lay all the gallery wall pieces out on the floor and arrange them the way you want
  • Rearrange, add, take away, rearrange some more – until it looks right!
  • Take a picture of the arrangement (looking at a picture gives a different perspective and might show something you didn’t see with your naked eye)
  • Begin hanging the pieces, working from the middle out to the sides.
  • Use as much leveling, measuring, marking places with pencil, etc. as you need
  • Reference that picture you took – it’s amazing how quickly you forget what picture goes where!


  • Let’s Stay Home –Β printable
  • Ecclesiastes 9:10 Canvas- local artist, gifted
  • You Had Me at Meow – Hobby Lobby
  • Paper Medallion – My mom’s crafty genius (tutorial here)
  • It’s All About Meow – gifted
  • Pineapple and Palmetto Hooks – gifted
  • Initial P – Hobby Lobby
  • Small Gold Frame – A collection of cards and stamps from special people (craft project I made in high school!)
  • Painting with Girl – that’s me! My Nana painted this for me in 1991
  • Desk – Target

This is another time I’m glad I’m not a minimalist. Every piece in this gallery is something I’ve had for a while but couldn’t find a spot for in my home. I’m so glad I purchased those items when they spoke to me (from the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby) or held onto the sentimental ones until I had a place to display them!



16 thoughts on “Office Gallery Wall

  1. Thank you for including the little oil painting of you taken several years ago, I ‘m glad you will enjoy it again!


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