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Planner Update {2017}


Happy Friday! I always look forward to Friday night – I find a few minutes in the evening to curl up on the couch with my planner, a pen and usually a kitty. After around 30 minutes of planning out the tasks, blog posts and appointments for the next week I’m able to relax and enjoy the weekend!

I’m using The Happy Planner for the first time this year, so I filmed a little overview of how I’m using the vertical style to plan for household and blog tasks all in one space. I also gave a quick look at my favorite menu planner and wrapped up the video with a tour of last year’s blog planning style that worked so well for me. If you’re a blogger or YouTuber, I hope that part will be helpful!

Let’s look at some planners!

Links Mentioned:

Do you use a paper planner? 



12 thoughts on “Planner Update {2017}

  1. Great post! I planner obsessed so I love seeing what everyone else is using. Yours looks great for organizing everything in one spot! That is so awesome!


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