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My 2017 Household and Homemaking Favorites

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I love homemaking – it’s definitely my favorite job of all time! Accomplishing the goal of a peaceful and cozy home requires a lot of work, and while I’m glad to do the work, it’s always nice to have things that make the work a little easier. There were three products that really made a difference in my home management last year, so I thought I’d be a good friend and tell you about them!

#1 The Bissell Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

I think every household should have a cordless vacuum, even if you don’t have pets. These little things are great for cleaning up little messes, crumbs, dusty corners and yes…pet hair!

#2 Bluetooth Camera Remote

Paul bought this for me after our epic Christmas Card Adventure of 2016. It’s so nice to be able to snap a quick picture of us before church or to capture the whole family (including me!) at a gathering. Self timer is so 2007! 🙂

#3 My Happy Planner

Having an effective planning system did so much for my home management last year! I talked more about how I used it in this post, but it just helped me stay on top of things – and even ahead of the game – in so many areas! Last year I used a dated planner with a vertical layout like this one. (For 2018 I chose the faith edition but it’s now sold out everywhere!)

Watch the video to see the products I mentioned!

Was there a product that revolutionized your homemaking in the last year or so? I’d love to hear about it!

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9 thoughts on “My 2017 Household and Homemaking Favorites

  1. I have an older corded hand vacuum and it doesn’t get used. Need to check this one out! I love a paper planner! I have tried to convert to my phone calendar but find I can’t keep if efficiently. I always want to look back past years and you can’t if you didn’t keep a paper planner.


  2. I’ve been talking about getting a cordless vac with one of my Christmas gift cards! I just think it would be so hand in the house and in the car. Glad you love yours! I couldn’t function without my planner. It keeps my whole family organized, on track for the year and helps me to be thoughtful to others when I write down birthdays, important dates and gift lists.


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