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The Happy Planner {Flip Through and Review}

I’ve been using my Happy Planner for over nine months now, and it’s safe to say I don’t know how I ever lived without it! Daily use of the weekly spread has helped me to become more efficient and mindful throughout each day. Here are a few examples:

  • tracking and remembering to complete recurring tasks from my household cleaning schedule
  • pre-planning for birthdays and appointments so that I’m ahead of the game
  • meditating on Scripture verses or song lyrics in the notes column
  • planning my blog and YouTube content in the monthly spread

Join me for a flip-through of some weekly spreads – plus I’ll show you what stickers I love and how I’m using the notes column!

Click here for links to the products I mentioned

What kind of planner do you use? I can’t wait to show you the one I’ve picked out for next year!


6 thoughts on “The Happy Planner {Flip Through and Review}

  1. I’m not using a planner right now, but I do have a wall calendar that I schedule appointments on. Usually, I use a short-term paper list week by week, or day by day, to get me through. I should have stock in Post-its! Haha! I bought a cute Lilly Pulitzer planner a few years back and didn’t end up using it (due to job changes, etc.), so I almost tossed it. The year will be wrong a few years down the road, but the days/dates will line up again, so I’ll pull it out. I figure I can use stickers or something to modify the year. 😉

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  2. I, too, am a Happy Planner! I have the classic size, and got the 24 month kit with some stickers and washi tape! I have started using it since about March, and it has helped me quite a bit to plan and track progress for my PhD/research (I’ve recently blogged about it 😉 ).


  3. I am a Happy Planner too 🙂 I have a classic one I use at home for FlyLady routines and zones, meal planning, etc. I have a mini that I carry in my purse and a big HP that I use for scripture writing. I’ve been planning for 2 years now.


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