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5 Things on Friday {January’s Highlights}

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Either January is a predictable month or I’m a predictable person. Maybe it’s a little of both! I could basically copy the highlights and the pictures from last January’s recap post – they are so similar! At any rate, it was a good month full of things I look forward to enjoying this time of year. Here are the highlights!

1// Snow! We got about three inches of snow on January 17th! It snowed all morning and I enjoyed watching it fall from the coziness of my house. It was a gloriously gray snow day!

2// New Year’s Weekend – I drove to Tennessee to spend New Year’s Eve with my sister and her family…and ended up staying an extra night due to their wintry weather! We had a fun time watching Father of the Bride (classic 90’s!), catching up on lots of conversations, shopping and spending time with the rest of the family. Her little guys are doing so well and are such fun to be with.

Somehow the only picture I have of us from the weekend is this screenshot of an Instagram boomerang video! We know how to keep it classy in Target. Ha!

3// Special memories – One of my favorite things to do is attend Southern Gospel concerts. We got to attend two this month and they were both so great!

4// Coffee – Yes, this is a highlight! Paul gave me the Ninja Single Serve Coffee System as an anniversary gift last month and I am obsessed with it! It makes the best coffee and the frother has changed my life. LOL.

5// Winter Outfits! My sister did a purge of her closet right before I visited, meaning I came home with a load of cute clothes! I always say my signature style is “Alli’s closet,” because that’s where my best outfits originate. 🙂 Here are some of my favorite outfits from the month.

A few of my favorite blog posts & videos from January:

What was your favorite thing about January? 

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7 thoughts on “5 Things on Friday {January’s Highlights}

  1. What a fun month! Glad you had so many good things going on. Father of the Bride is one of my very favorite movies. I tear up every time and quote it regularly. That coffee maker/frother sounds lovely. Isn’t it nice when people pass good stuff down to you?? Hope you have a great weekend!


  2. January has been a long month here. We also got snow, which was fun to watch. 🙂 Scooping 6 inches of snow down the driveway and sidewalks has left me pretty sore, though. Guess that’s a way to get my “get in shape” resolution in gear, huh?! Haha! I saw a robin in the backyard yesterday, so maybe we’ll get an early spring?

    I think my favorite moment this month was finding my missing earring that I lost in December. Last Saturday it was nice and sunny outside, and I spotted it right away. (It had fallen between the seat and the console in my sister’s car.) The earrings weren’t expensive (Charming Charlie), but they go with everything and don’t weigh my ears down. So thankful I have a set again!! I absolutely hate losing things, and the day it went missing I had only worn the earrings from home to church and back. Losing it was messing with my mind. I even went back to church and backtracked! So glad the search is over!


  3. This was fun to read, Whitney! I guess maybe my favorite thing about January (other than a fun birthday celebration with family) was the abundance of snow days and that I even found some time to work on a UFO cross stitch project — still a long way from finished, but it feels good to be working on it again.


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