Organizing My Small Bathroom

I am IN LOVE with my newly renovated bathroom – and the organization systems I’ve set up in there! I found that having the things I use every day (or most every day) at my fingertips is not only functional, but easy to maintain. The state of my bathroom in this post is exactly as you’ll find it on any given day!

This three-tiered stand was around $15 at TJ Maxx and is easy to wipe clean. My daily makeup fits nicely on top, with plenty of room for toilet paper on the middle shelf and storage for hand towels and curling iron on the bottom.

I pulled it out for easy photographing, but here’s where it lives next to the sink.

I found this clear acrylic makeup organizer for around $6 at TJ Maxx. It’s perfect for the basic makeup I need for every day.ย I love the open shelving more than I thought I would – it forces me to put things away every day! I split my makeup brushes into two containers by size, making it so much easier to find the one I need. In the middle, I store washcloths and rollers in a plastic bin from TJ Maxx (Target sells similar ones). I love the divided acrylic organizer for q-tips, lotion and cotton pads.

I found the stacking bins for under the sink at Dollar Tree – watch my video tour below for the secret on making those functional. Storing my trash can under the sink really improves the aesthetic of the room!

Here’s the video tour of the room! I’ll show you what I store in the large wicker baskets and give you a few more tips on organizing in small spaces.

Small spaces can be functional and beautiful!ย 

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13 thoughts on “Organizing My Small Bathroom

  1. Our one and only bathroom at our pre-tornado house was SO tiny. You have done so well to organize this space and make it functional. Love the idea of the open shelving too.


  2. You’ve got a great system going in your pretty new bathroom ๐Ÿ™‚ I love those clear containers. I used to leave my make up out, but since having kids I have to tuck it away in pretty travel bags.


  3. Love your video, you always give me lots of ideas for organizing my small bathroom! Don’t you hate it when they stick those really sticky stickers on things and you can’t get them off?!? Also love your kitty at the end of the video, so adorable! Have a wonderful day!


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