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Small Bathroom Remodel: We Are Done!

Our main bathroom renovation is finished! Ready for all the details? We bought our home 10 years ago from a company that flipped it. They did a pretty good job, but the bathrooms were the places they took their short cuts. Five years ago we did phase one of the bathroom renovations with new flooring… Continue reading Small Bathroom Remodel: We Are Done!

Enjoying The Journey

Renovating Our Bathrooms {VLOG}

Earlier this summer we discovered some water damage in our bathrooms and had to tear out all the flooring. We decided to upgrade the bathrooms (on our limited budget) since they had to be put back together anyway! I filmed the process from demolition day to our first experience with painting! There were several weeks… Continue reading Renovating Our Bathrooms {VLOG}


Organize Your House: One Room At A Time {Bathroom Cabinet}

Happy Monday, lovely readers! We've lived in our house for almost a year, and I am so thankful for it! No house is perfect, and the master bathroom at my house is clearly not the product of a woman's design. It's teeny tiny, so a pedestal sink was installed when our house was remodeled a few… Continue reading Organize Your House: One Room At A Time {Bathroom Cabinet}