Bathroom Cabinet Re-Organization

Bathroom Cabinet Re-Organization via Cover

Sunday afternoon over lunch, my husband asked what my plans were for the afternoon. I told him I planned to re-organize my bathroom cabinet because it was a huge mess and I was tired of things falling out every time I opened the cabinet.

My husband looked astonished. “Isn’t that kind of taboo for you? I mean, you blog about organization all the time.”

It happens to the best of us! No organization system works perfectly forever – this was the case with my bathroom cabinet. I organized it two years ago, and the system that worked then was not working any more. When you don’t want or are unable to maintain the organization of a space, that means it’s time to re-evaluate your system!

It took me less than 30 minutes to clean out the clutter, wipe down the shelves and set up a new system. Here’s where I started with both cabinets in my bathroom. ::shudder::

Bathroom Cabinet Re-Organization via 2

Bathroom Cabinet Re-Organization via

Yikes. I had several things that didn’t even belong in the bathroom. The items below were either thrown away or put back where they belonged.

Bathroom Cabinet Re-Organization via 5

Here are my freshly re-organized cabinets! I love having that blue bin in my medicine cabinet. The edges of the shelves are rounded, so things tend to slide off easily. The bin allows me to store much more on the shelf than I would without it. I use the same concept in my fridge doors.

Bathroom Cabinet Re-Organization via 4

Bathroom Cabinet Re-Organization via 3

I decided the top shelf needed a little less function and a little more fun, so here’s how it looks after a few minutes of shopping my house.

Bathroom Cabinet Re-Organization via 7

I love opening these cabinets! There’s nothing like a freshly organized space – or the desire to keep it that way.

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15 thoughts on “Bathroom Cabinet Re-Organization

  1. Bathroom cabinets are always tricky to maintain a system in. It seems like you are getting in and out of them every single day and so you have to put daily stuff towards the front or easily accessible. I try to put the stuff that I don’t use as often in the back, but I find myself having to constantly be tweeking my system. Good work on your problem area. Those mini baskets really help keep my bathroom drawers and shelves in order. It’s also nice you didn’t have to buy anything new to fix your bathroom situation. Way to go!


  2. I have several cabinets that could use some have inspired me. Also, I meant to tell you that i tried the Cover Girl BB cream from your ready in 15 vlog and I love it. I use it for foundation now…love it. Thanks for the heads up!


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