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Renovating Our Bathrooms {VLOG}

Earlier this summer we discovered some water damage in our bathrooms and had to tear out all the flooring. We decided to upgrade the bathrooms (on our limited budget) since they had to be put back together anyway! I filmed the process from demolition day to our first experience with painting! There were several weeks of transition while the floors were drying out and being replaced, and you’ll see where we set up temporary living quarters during the most unpleasant parts of the renovation.

Come along for the adventure!

The bathrooms aren’t quite “finished” yet, but as soon as they are I’ll share a post and video with all the details. I’m really excited to give everything a place and call this project done!


8 thoughts on “Renovating Our Bathrooms {VLOG}

  1. Whitney, I love your bathrooms, you and Paul have done a great job. The sink cabinet you put in is great for storage, I never did go for the pedestal sinks don’t offer any. I like the grey wood floor you did also. Good work!


  2. Your bathrooms are looking great! I’ve always heard the bathrooms are up there with a kitchen remodel for destruction but so rewarding. It is a messy smelly area no matter how you try. I was feeling for Thelma Lou with all the noise!


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