Bathroom Remodel Reveal {On A Budget}

this post contains affiliate links I am so happy to announce that we have completed our bathroom remodel project! We were forced to take on this project due to water damage in our flooring and decided to make a few upgrades while we had the chance. Since we didn't plan on doing the remodel, I… Continue reading Bathroom Remodel Reveal {On A Budget}

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Renovating Our Bathrooms {VLOG}

Earlier this summer we discovered some water damage in our bathrooms and had to tear out all the flooring. We decided to upgrade the bathrooms (on our limited budget) since they had to be put back together anyway! I filmed the process from demolition day to our first experience with painting! There were several weeks… Continue reading Renovating Our Bathrooms {VLOG}


Caring For Your Pets During Home Renovations

As a lifelong cat lover, I find a lot of joy in the two cats that make our house their home. The humans in our house always come first when it comes to care and concern, but I think it's important to take good care of whatever pets live in your house. Indoor pets are… Continue reading Caring For Your Pets During Home Renovations

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What I Learned From Our First Major Home Repair

We spent the past three weeks with both of our bathrooms in almost complete disrepair. It made for some creative problem solving (and a few late-night shower runs to my inlaws). This wasn't a remodel we'd planned to tackle - we discovered some long standing water damage and had to dry out the rooms and… Continue reading What I Learned From Our First Major Home Repair