Organize Your House: One Room at a Time {Bathroom}

Keeping with my organizing goal of “a place for everything,” I knew I had to corral the plethora of shampoo, body wash and face wash bottles in my master shower.  I had to spend a little more than I would have liked, but I found the perfect shower organizers at Target. They cost about $8 each – I can’t find them online, sorry! I know they are 3M brand.


Here’s why I love this organizer:

1. The quality of the suction cups. I’ve had these up in the shower for over 6 months and they haven’t fallen down one time! Love that.

2. The smooth surface that makes for easy cleaning. There aren’t any grooves to trap mildew or other gross things.

3. The two bonus storage areas: a little pocket on the side for razors, and a hook for my loofah. Because I put these organizers in the back of the shower, my loofah dries completely every day.

One more tip: I put a koozie around the shaving cream can, to keep the rust from getting onto the shower. Maybe the expensive shaving cream cans don’t rust, but the ones I buy always do! If you’re not a sports fan with a wad of koozies in your garage, you can grab a generic one at Dollar Tree. 🙂

No more rusty mess!

Here’s to an organized shower!

I’m linking up with Becky at Organizing Made Fun  for the September Organize It! Link party!


4 thoughts on “Organize Your House: One Room at a Time {Bathroom}

  1. Great idea, I need to do this in our shower, poor John has to move my stuff so he can get his stuff in there when he showers. Love all your tips girl.


    1. Thanks! I’m with you, one of the main reasons I went with the new corner organizers was for Paul’s sake. He takes up more room in the shower than I do =) and was always knocking stuff over trying to get in and out of the shower! He likes my new system much better. =)


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