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Month in Review {February 2023}

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I’m excited to give you a peek into my family’s life throughout February! Keep in mind that I’m not able to share pictures or details about our kiddos, so I’ll share as much as I’m able. I wish you could see pictures of them, but I’ll do my best to paint the pictures with my words.

Family Fun

Once a month, each kiddo gets to have a one on one date with Paul. They get to choose where they go, whether it’s a breakfast, lunch, supper, or dessert. This month the choices were Eggs Up Grille, Jimmy John’s and McDonalds. They all look forward to this so much! I have sweet memories of dates with my Dad and I’m so glad our kiddos get to make these memories with Paul.

We’ve enjoyed super warm days this month, so we’ve spent time at a few different parks after school and on the weekends. One Sunday afternoon we introduced our kiddos to one of our favorite local spots, Campbells’ Covered Bridge.

I shared our Valentine’s Day celebrations here, and we also celebrated our middle kiddo’s birthday. The birthday fell on a Sunday, so we did gifts at breakfast, out to Mr. Salsa for lunch, and back home for birthday dessert and ice cream! I picked up some fun party decor at Dollar Tree and I think they felt very celebrated.

Paul’s lacrosse officiating season is in full swing, and I was so proud to catch one of his games on ESPN! This shot is from the part of the game that’s kind of like the tip off in basketball.

Amazon Favorites

I am loving this car trash can. It comes with a strap that connects around your headrest or console, so that it doesn’t roll around in the vehicle.

This seems like a silly thing to favorite, but this $10 step stool is a life saver. I keep this one in my bedroom closet but it would also be perfect for a kiddo who can’t reach the bathroom sink.

My Dad does a lot of grilling year round, so I sent him these grilling gloves for his birthday in January. He said they are perfect (he has the extra large) and sent me this picture of them in use! These would be a great Father’s Day gift, too.

Extra Blessings

We have been praying about purchasing a minivan and this month the Lord directed us to the one we needed, and He provided the means to purchase it. I’m so grateful for the extra room, the automatic doors, and the backup camera that helps this not-so-great driver as I learn to drive a larger vehicle!

I’m doing a lot more laundry than I used to, and our 10 year old dryer was on its last leg. Someone with no knowledge of our need happened to mention to Paul that they were upgrading their dryer and wondered if we needed their current one. It was in great shape and only 3 years old. They didn’t know our need, but God did.

Adding 3 people to your family creates a strain on every area of your life. There are certainly blessings, but the truth is that it’s tough! I’m so thankful for these BIG ways God has shown us that what He initiated, He will sustain and He will fulfill.

From This Month’s Bible Reading

The last few months have been some of the most challenging in my life. I’m so thankful that I already have the habit of daily Bible reading built into my life, because His Word is what sustains us in times of difficulty.

As I’ve continued in my Bible reading plan, this month took me through Exodus and Leviticus. I saw myself in the Israelites and in Moses’s hesitation to follow God’s call more than ever before – but my goal in reading the Bible is not to see myself.

Each day I end my reading by asking “what do I learn about God? What is He doing? What is He like?” Here are a few of my “God shots” from February:

  • God is slow to anger
  • God gives the skill to match his call
  • God’s presence in me as the tabernacle gives comfort and guidance on this journey
  • Jesus is enough
  • Jesus covers my guilt
  • God gives instruction/rules to help us obey and to have a right relationship with him
  • God draws near to give a way for me to be clean
  • Jesus is better!
  • God is worthy of holy and set apart behavior and devotion
  • God loves and rescues the alien
  • God provides for the resident aliens
  • God is my redeemer, rescuer and provider
  • God keeps his promises and his will is always done

God’s consistent character is such a comfort in an uncertain world. I’ve also gone back to the daily habit of reading the Proverb for the day, a practice that has always been a help to me in times of transition.

In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence and his children have a refuge. (Proverbs 14:26)

If you’re reading through the Bible with me this year, how’s it going? I would love to hear what you’re learning about God. Leave a comment and share one of your “God shots” from the month.

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10 thoughts on “Month in Review {February 2023}

  1. Welcome to the mini van club! I love mine so much. It’s perfect to travel with your kids to school and on adventures. Congrats. I love seeing how the Lord has provided for your family in this new season of life. We love visiting parks for some free fun. Do you have a nice library nearby? We’ve really enjoyed many of the programs and activities at our library. Praying for your family!


    1. Yes! I am LOVING all the perks of the van. We do have a nice library nearby – it’s perfect for stopping even just to play for a while on all their fun new toys. I found some books that with built in audio narration, and those have been fun for waiting in car line. I’m hoping to take advantage of some of their summer programs – although we haven’t seen anything quite like what your library offers.


  2. What a full month you had with many blessings!

    One thing to ask – the link for the step stool took me to the trash can.

    Can you resend? I certainly could use.



  3. ❤️❤️❤️ This whole post put a great big smile on my face and warmed my heart! Thanks for sharing your heart and updates!


  4. Whitney,
    You and your family are such an inspiration. I always look forward to reading your posts. Good bless you and your family!


  5. Whitney, you are blessed with a mature faith and trust in God for all things. Even so, I’m glad you feel comfortable sharing that this life transition has been challenging. When my first baby came along, it turned my world upsidedown. I am imagining three kids at once would definitely do the same for you! It seems like you are handling it with such grace. You are in many people’s thoughts and prayers, too. It was God’s will for you and Paul to parent these children, and whatever he wants you guys to do, he’ll be right there to help along the way. ♥️
    Also, I promise it will feel easier and more normal overtime. (It can take a while). God bless you!! Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

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