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Why Phone Etiquette Matters

I believe that good manners start at home. When we treat our family members with respect, they learn how to treat others in the same way. When our family members see us exercising good manners, they learn and are encouraged to do the same. A great place to start with good manners is the way… Continue reading Why Phone Etiquette Matters


How To Be A Polite Guest

Did you know there are only 53 days left until Christmas? That's only seven weekends! Not only that....there are 20 days left until Thanksgiving, which is basically the official beginning of the "Holiday Season." With the beginning of the holiday season comes church parties, work parties, family get-togethers, and more. I'm excited about that! We… Continue reading How To Be A Polite Guest

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Manners – The Best Way of Doing Everything

There's always a best way of doing everything, if it be to boil an egg. Manners are the happy ways of doing things. - Ralph Waldo Emerson I recently came across a beloved book of mine, purchased in 1999. It's titled Social Graces,¬†and is filled with rules and phrases that still bounce around in my… Continue reading Manners – The Best Way of Doing Everything