5 Helpful Blog Posts on Marriage

156892_497043767648_4521935_nI can’t believe it’s been almost three years since that picture was taken! Thinking back to our wedding day immediately brings to my mind the Brad Paisley song, “And I thought I loved you then.” I’ve fallen so much deeper in love with that man over the past three years! We still have a long way to go, and I know long-lasting, happy marriages don’t just happen. They take lots of hard work, grace and prayer!

right? princess bride, anyone? 🙂

Reading blog posts or books on marriage does for my marriage what side view mirrors do for my car. They help me see blind spots that could be dangerous if not avoided. They help me see when I need to “speed  up” and do something or “slow down” and quit something. I’ve read a couple good marriage books, but I’m not a reader like I should be. I find my attention span shrinking the older I get! I’ve found some great blog posts and articles over the past couple years that are much more to my attention span’s liking that have been incredibly helpful to me. Here are 5 posts I highly recommend. The last one is a very easy read with some fun tips for saying I love you.

And of course, I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to marriage posts, gift ideas and sweet sayings. Marriage truly can be a “dream within a dream!”

Do you have a favorite book or helpful blog post? I’d love to hear about it!

I reply to all comments right here on the post, so let the conversation begin!

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