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How Well Do You Know the Bride?

family at shower
Aunt Dianne/Me/Alli/Nana/Mom/Aunt Sharee

My sister (Alli) is getting married in less than two months! Last weekend her home church hosted a lovely shower for her. Our Nana and both of our aunts were able to attend the shower which made it really special.

As the matron of honor, I got to have a part in the shower planning. I wanted a game that would be fun, but that wouldn’t end up with half the attendees wrapped in toilet paper wedding gowns. 🙂 I hit up Pinterest for some inspiration and came up with this “how well do you know the bride?” game. Everyone seemed to enjoy it!

how well do you know the bride

The winner (Alli’s future sister-in-law) answered nine out of the eleven questions correctly. I was the only one who knew all the answers, just saying. 🙂

Here is the printable version of the game, if you’d like to download and customize it for your favorite bride!

4 thoughts on “How Well Do You Know the Bride?

  1. These are the types of games I can totally get behind. Bringing people together without, eating, smelling, or saying too odd things.

    Looks like a lovely day, best wishes on your sister’s big day!


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