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Do You Use A Guest Book?

Using Guest Books In Your Home - Come Home For Comfort

Guest books aren’t just for recording who attended your wedding! Using a guest book in your home is a great way to remember the fun times you have with family and friends. Not only that, but I’ve also found that asking guests to sign a beautiful book makes them feel very special!

Who should use a guest book?

I started using a guest book immediately after college, when I was single and living with a roommate. I had a lot of my friends over for parties, movie nights or Sunday dinner, and I’m so glad I have my guest book to remember those times (it was pre-Facebook…). The one you see pictured above was a housewarming gift Paul and I received for our first home. My Nana has always kept a guest book, and it’s almost like a family history book. We all love to find the entries documenting our first overnight stay with Nana and Papa, a special Thanksgiving where we brought a new boyfriend to meet the family, or our first entry including our spouse. My mom has guestbooks full of inside jokes and funny comments from the various evangelists and ministry guests they’ve entertained over the years (her guestbook will eventually look like Nana’s too, I’m sure!). Everyone can use a guest book!

Where can I buy a guest book?

I would look at TJ Maxx or a similar store. Googling “guest book” will only yield results for wedding books. If you know a good place to purchase non-wedding books, please share in the comments!

I am curious…do you use a guest book?Β 

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11 thoughts on “Do You Use A Guest Book?

  1. WHY haven’t I ever thought to do this!!! I love this idea SO much and will be implementing it immediately! Being a football household, we get a lot of friends and family who visit us (no matter where we live or how often we move..ha) and I love the idea of keeping a record! Thanks for the idea lovely!


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