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Say Something Nice

Take the compliment challenge and say nice things to people!A few weeks ago I read a blog post called The Compliment Challenge. I hope you’ll read what she has to say, but the basic idea was that we shouldn’t hold back when we notice something about another woman that deserves a compliment. She encouraged her readers to say something nice if you see something nice. Don’t most women deal with insecurities? How much better would you feel if after spending a frustrating twenty minutes raiding your closet for something to wear, a stranger in the store or someone at work complimented you on your outfit?

I took the challenge and have really tried to be kind and genuine towards other women. I love clothes and accessories, so it’s not very hard. 🙂 A few weeks ago it was our turn to greet and hand out bulletins as people came into our church. I tried to avoid the “Hi, how are you?/Fine” exchange by complimenting the ladies on a specific accessory or part of their outfit. I had some lovely conversations with several different ladies – especially ones that I wouldn’t normally fall into conversation with.

The most rewarding exchange I’ve had so far happened over the past weekend. During a conversation with someone I’ve known for several years, I mentioned that I really liked her new glasses. She had on a pair of very “on trend” glasses that were perfect for her face and coloring. Relief washed over her face and she said, “Really? Wow, thank you so much!” She went on to tell me that someone had recently made a very derogatory comment about her glasses that made her very self conscious about them.

How awesome is that? It just took a simple, heartfelt comment to lift my friend’s spirits and give her self confidence a boost.

How about you? Want to take the compliment challenge?

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10 thoughts on “Say Something Nice

  1. Yay!! I love that you tried it out Whitney!! Don’t you feel great making others feel beautiful!! 🙂 I took a picture of my friend’s outfit at church to post on my page, because it was ADORABLE! She is plus size and dresses amazing, so I wanted to use her as an example..and she called me later that night crying (tears of joy), saying how wonderful it felt to be told she looked great! She has thanked me literally every time I have seen her since Sunday! 🙂 Love it!


  2. I LOVE this!! It’s easy to admire things and keep them to yourself. I am going to push myself to say compliments to strangers (because I rarely do this one) and be sure to say something nice when I see something nice on my family and friends. Great article and great concept. Thanks for the reminder to spread kindness.


  3. I LOVE this! I’m part of a Bible study right now that is very much about women working with, instead of being catty and working against, each other to build up the Body of Christ. This ties in so beautifully with that. Wouldn’t we all have better days if giving and receiving sincere compliments was more normal than judging each other?


  4. Whitney, that is a wonderful idea. When I was young, I found it hard to accept compliments as I guess I thought they were not sincere. As you say, women are SO insecure in the looks department. However, a wiser older friend heard me poo poo a compliment one day. She took me aside and said that when someone compliments me to just say Thank You. What a valuable lesson to learn and I am thankful for Jo who taught it to me. I am going to take on this challenge as well and pass out some sincere compliments to the ladies in my life.


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