Don’t Forget To Send Your Thank You Notes!

By now you’ve probably put away your Christmas decorations and eaten the last of the Christmas cookies. Before you say your final goodbyes to the holiday season, there’s one thing we all need to check off our to-do lists. Have you sent your Christmas thank you notes? 

How to write a thank you note via

Why should I send a thank you note?

“Going the second mile means gifting your host with a permanent reminder of your gratitude by sending him or her a handwritten note. The multi-sensory experience of the recipient as he or she spots your card in the mail, opens and reads it makes your thank-you memorable.”  – Maralee McKee, Manners Mentor (read more from that post here)

Who should I send a thank you note?

  • Anyone who gave you a Christmas gift: family, friends, clients, neighbors, co-workers…
  • Anyone who invited you to their home or to their party: work parties, family Christmas gatherings, Sunday School class parties…

How do I write thank you notes?

My friend, Whitney from Polka-Dotty Place, created a simple formula that makes writing thank you notes a breeze! Check out her post if you need some inspiration! You can pick up inexpensive packs of cards at the Dollar Tree, TJ Maxx or even Target’s dollar spot.

Sending thank you notes is just one component of good manners. After all, manners are the best way of doing everything!

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Forget To Send Your Thank You Notes!

  1. in my family we only buy gifts for the kids, however, I should have my kids write thank you notes to my mom. No gifts from my sister or brother have arrived yet. I don’t have any thank you notes to write, oooo…I just had a great idea…I should leave a little love note thanking my husband for my boots and iPad pillow me bought me after Christmas 🙂


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