How to Make Your Closet Work for You : Part 3

How To Make Your Closet Work For You via

Welcome back to the How to Make Your Closet Work for You series! Today it’s all about finding inspiration to widen your outfit options. Once you’ve put together some solid outfits from the contents of your closet and stocked up on your wardrobe essentials, it’s time to start broadening your horizons. To keep your outfit choices fresh and new, you need to gather ideas and inspiration. Here are a few of my favorite ways to keep my outfit ideas fresh and inventive:

Fashion Blogs –  Checking out fashion blogs is a fantastic way to find new outfit ideas. I’ve found that following a few bloggers whose fashion is similar to mine keeps me inspired with my own closet. Find a few bloggers whose style is similar to yours and check out their outfit posts for new ideas. 

Pinterest – In case you didn’t already know, I looove Pinterest. It’s my go-to spot for outfit ideas. It’s so great since you can search for a specific look or just browse through the Women’s Fashion category. I have pulled together several great outfits thanks to Pinterest. You can check out my fashion boards below.

Instagram – A lot of bloggers (and non-bloggers) will post pictures of their daily outfits on Instagram. I’ve found that this is a fun and easy way to keep up with new outfit posts. Post some pictures of your own outfits as well – you never know who might benefit from your taste in fashion!

Next week will be the last installment of this series. I’ll be sharing a super basic, but super helpful tip for working your closet – you won’t want to miss it!

Alli Sig


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