What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

I decided to take my own advice and do some rejuvenating to my closet. I’ve feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut with my outfits recently, so I took some time to put together some fresh, new outfits out of what I already had in my closet. These past couple weeks, I’ve really enjoyed wearing some “new to me” outfits, so I thought I would share some of those with you today.

PicMonkey Collage 1

PicMonkey Collage 2

Through putting these outfits together I discovered a few things: my current favorite color combination is navy and pink, I’m really going for a soft, feminine look with all my skirt and dress wearings, and that having a few staple pieces in my wardrobe (like my light blue Oxford and black chino shorts) always come into play when pulling pieces together.

What have you been wearing lately? Have you noticed any patterns from your outfit choices?

Alli Sig

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12 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Wearing Lately

    1. Thank you! My sandals are from Old Navy. I got them about 4 years ago so those exact pair aren’t sold anymore, but I know ON had some similar sandals in store earlier this summer. They’re my favorite pair of sandals since they go with just about everything! My flats are from TJ Maxx. I actually got them to wear with my wedding dress and now I wear them pretty frequently during the spring and summer. They’re pretty similar to the Toms crocheted shoes just way less expensive!


  1. I have been wearing lots of skirts lately as well. There are more choices in that area this year. I have two maxi skirts and two knee length skirts. They are so cool …better than capris in my opinion. I love that pretty skirt and outfit on the top right. Too cute.


    1. Thanks! Yes, I love skirts and dresses for hot days. I try to avoid pants for as long as possible since I know I’ll be wearing them for a long time once it starts to get cool!


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