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High Five For Friday, Sisters and the Mountains!

Happy Friday

1// Today is a good day. It’s Alli’s birthday! I love my sister and cherish the friendship we share. We are 7 years apart, so it’s fun to finally be in the same stage of life together. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years…playing together, planning our annual family Christmas concerts, watching Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin movies, playing the piano (and for Alli, also playing the violin, cello, penny whistle and guitar), baking, eating, laughing and quoting The Office. Alli loves unconditionally and always accepts me for who I am – flaws and all. She’s a nice sister, the funniest person I know, and I’m so glad she was born! Happy Birthday, Al!


Everyone knows which one of us is older, right? Feel free to leave your guess in the comments…

2// It’s been a fun summer of bloggy friend meet-ups! On Sunday morning I discovered Tif (from Bright On A Budget) was traveling very close to where I live on her way to the beach. After putting on my Sunday face in record time (thank you, Fresh in Fifteen skills!) we met at Starbucks for a quick visit. Fun times!


3// Earlier this week I had the chance to meet my parents and my aunt for lunch and shopping. We had a yummy lunch at P.F. Changs and had an early celebration for mom & Aunt Dianne’s birthdays (they’re twins!). It was fun to spend some time with my family!

Mom and Dad lunch

4// I love that although we don’t live in the mountains, they aren’t far away. Sunday night Paul had to run an errand just across the state line. We ended up enjoying the most beautiful sunset drive through the mountains! There’s something about being surrounded by the mountains that makes me feel so safe and calm.

Sunday Drive

5// Here’s a funny for your Friday. I thought it would be cute to do a mock “back to school” picture with the cats…just because everyone else was posting their children with lunchboxes and cute “first day of school” signs. I wanted to get in on the fun! Turns out, getting cats to pose is a whole lot harder than you think. Haha!

Back to School Funny

Have a lovely weekend! 

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26 thoughts on “High Five For Friday, Sisters and the Mountains!

  1. Sisters are pretty special! I’m so glad that my sister and are still very close. We are only 3 years apart, but she waited a LOT longer to get married and start having a family than I did.

    It looks like you had a great week with lots of birthday celebrations. I am still laughing at the cat pics. Too funny!


  2. HAHA! The back to school pics with the kitties are hilarious. So fun! And I didn’t realize you and your sister were 7 years apart! It’s so wonderful to have a sister AND a great friend, all rolled into one. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! And hope you had a great weekend 🙂


  3. I have a sister who is 7 years younger than me as well Whitney. We were not too close growing up but now we are good friends and that is just icing on the cake isn’t it? Those CATS…lol. My husband posted a picture of himself with a sign that said, First Day of the Rest of my Life, in response to all the school He is a Physicist and he thought that was very funny!! ( If you ever watch Big Bang theory…he is our Sheldon!). We are heading to Brevard in October and I can hardly wait. It is so pretty there.


    1. My mom didn’t give us a choice – we had to get along. Haha! Love your husband’s picture, that’s hilarious! I have a little bit of Sheldon in me too…just the organized detailed drive everyone crazy part, not the genius. Haha!


  4. Happy Birthday Alli! I’m glad you’ve gotten to have so many fun meet ups with family and friends this summer. You know I loved your kitty back to school pictures 🙂 Hope you’ve got some fun weekend plans.


  5. Alli definitely brought the laughter to our home. Good times! I love seeing the two of you together. Sisters are special kinds of friends. I love your kitties’ school poses! Hilarious! I’ll add the, “I can’t believe they’re old enough for school” quote to complete the photos! 🙂


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