State Pride


Basic tees are one of my favorite things and this tee is probably my absolute favorite. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people wearing these “Home” t-shirts and I can totally understand why. The material is super soft, they’re a comfortable fit, and the design is super cute. I got my “Home” tee a couple years ago, but it hardly shows any wear (although I seem to wear it about every week)!

I paired my tee with basic skinny jeans, an oversized sweater, and TOMS. My necklace has a picture of the state of Tennessee on it which I thought paired well with my shirt without being over the top about state pride. ha.

I purchased both my tee and necklace from Etsy. You can find the tee here and the necklace here.  And of course you can get either with any of the 50 states designed on them!

If you have purchased a state pride item, let me know about it!

Alli Sig

This is Alli’s final style post. She’s stepping back from blogging for now, but she’ll pop up in the occasional vlog or High Five For Friday post. Alli has been helping us put together outfits and shop our closets for almost a year and a half here at Come Home For Comfort, and I know you’ll miss her inspiration! You can read all of Alli’s style posts here. Thanks, Al! -Whitney 


6 thoughts on “State Pride

  1. I always love this outfit when I see you wearing it. I need to get a home necklace or shirt.
    And how sad that you won’t be blogging anymore!


    1. Thanks! You definitely should get one! I just thought it would be a good time to take a break, but I’m glad I’ll be missed 😊

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