When It’s Not Fall {but you’re tired of summer}

Every year about this time I come to the same conclusion. I’m done with summer! I’m not squeezing every last drop out of this season, I’m pushing it out the door! 🙂 However, I have to face the facts that we still have two full weeks until even Labor Day. Since it’s too early to start pumpkin spicing all the things, I decided to start transitioning my living room into fall. Just a little bit. 🙂

I took the light linen runner off the entry table and replaced it with a burlap runner, exchanged the summery florals for some cotton stems and added gold and brass accents to warm it up. Twinkle lights and candles are always part of my decor, but they are even more cozy for fall!

I love my new dinner bell…from Dollar Tree! Watch my Pre-Fall Haul video below to see what else I found at Dollar Tree, as well as a rare purchase from Bath and Body Works.

Are you ready for fall or are you savoring summer? 


11 thoughts on “When It’s Not Fall {but you’re tired of summer}

  1. I’m so close to setting out my pumpkins! There’s still quite a bit of patriotic decor up from the 4th, which will be out through Labor Day. After that…all bets are off! I waited a bit too long to get the fall up last year, so I’m starting earlier to enjoy it longer. Might have to make a trip to Hobby Lobby this week, as I heard their fall decor is 40% off! I don’t need to buy much, but it’s always fun to see what’s new. 🙂


  2. I’m very much done with summer as well. And actually, I’m 100% okay with pumpkin spice all year round! I bake pumpkin bread and pumpkin baked oatmeal any month of the year. I think it’s too good a flavor to waste on one season.


  3. Hello from the Savoring Summer camp!! 🙂 This has been our best Summer so I’m not in a hurry to see it go. I love Kevin’s more relaxed Summer schedule and having him around more. He heads back to school this week. Olive doesn’t start until early September so we have big plans to play with friends, head to the pool and soak up the last few weeks of Summer!! I do love Fall so talk to me after the first week of September and I’ll be ready to do all things pumpkins, burlap, pumpkin spice and fall colors.


    1. I’m so glad you’ve had a great summer! Get all you can out of it! I wondered if Kevin had an easier schedule when school was out during the summer – how nice to have him around a little more!


  4. Watched your video last night – like how you already have the bell out and looking cute:) I like the idea of easing into the fall decor. Your table looks cute…not too fall but just right!


  5. I’m very ready for fall; I’ve got all of my fall decor sitting in storage boxes in my master bedroom just waiting to be opened! I found some great stuff at The Dollar Tree this year as well, I love it when that happens! I’m looking forward to viewing your latest video later this morning. Have a great weekend!


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