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Summer Capsule Wardrobe Recap {What I Loved and What I Learned}

This is my 3rd and final post in my summer capsule wardrobe series. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the outfits I chose for my 20 item wardrobe this season! Now that it’s time to start transitioning into fall clothes, I thought through the things I wore and came up with a quick recap from the summer.

If you don’t want to watch the video, I’ll give you the bullet points below. πŸ™‚

My favorite item: Hands down, it was my floral dress from Old Navy. I wore that dress for every possible situation except Sunday morning church! I loved having an outfit that was just ONE piece – no tank top, no slip, no sweater – just the dress!

My least worn item: A pair of black capri pants that were too baggy and a polka dot dress that I’m just tired of wearing.

What I learned:

  1. I really like wearing dresses in the summer (I already knew that, but this summer re-confirmed it!)
  2. Bolder prints and bright colors are my new favorites!

What I loved:Β I loved having all my core items in the middle of my closet, ready to be worn. I didn’t have to think about putting an outfit together – I already knew what worked and was able to get ready so quickly!

Will I do it again? Definitely! I love fall clothes, so I might not be able to condense it down to 20 items…but I’ll still put together some go-to outfits for the season.

Would you be interested in seeing my fall capsule wardrobe (provided I’m able to put one together)?



15 thoughts on “Summer Capsule Wardrobe Recap {What I Loved and What I Learned}

  1. I really liked the fun prints you incorporated into your summer wardrobe! Prints and brighter colors add fun to the warmer months. A fall capsule collection would be tough for me, as I have a zillion sweaters. But I’ve noticed that I usually reach for a select few over and over again. Hmmm…maybe it’s possible to pare things down after all! πŸ˜‰

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  2. I love dresses in the Summer, too! They’re just so easy – pick out one thing and go! I’m working on pairing my closet down to only have clothes that fit, make me feel good and are versatile hanging in there. That way when I go to pick out an outfit I have lots of good options to choose from rather than sifting through lots of things I don’t wear.

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  3. We must be on the same wave length because I posted about my capsule today, too. πŸ˜‰ You look so cute in bold colors and patterns. It’s been fun to see your outfit posts and I would love to see what you put together for fall! ❀

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  4. I have a friend who does not wear any kind of print. I love prints and brighter colors and now that I am a silver fox with a porcelain complexion, I find the bright colors keep me from looking like a ghost. Please do share your fall wardrobe capsule. What a great idea for a working girl who has to look professional daily. Even though I am at home, I do try to keep my wardrobe separated into everyday and going out, makes life simpler.


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