Around The House: Winter Home Decor

Hi friends! Here’s a peek at some of my favorite spots in my home right now. Instead of doing a decor scheme that flows throughout the whole house like I do for fall and Christmas, I decided to focus on little groupings of blue, white, turquoise and metallic shades. Here they are!

my sad little chalkboard doesn’t completely erase 🙂

Once March rolls around I’ll pull out my bunnies and lighten things up a bit. For now I’m enjoying the cozy!


14 thoughts on “Around The House: Winter Home Decor

  1. Everything looks great!! I had trouble with one of my chalkboards no longer erasing, too. I bought a can of chalk spray paint and repainted the board. It’s good as new now


  2. Such pretty ideas! I especially like the way you have used pine cones in a couple of areas. I’ve pinned some of your ideas to my Winter Decorating Inspiration board.


  3. I am trying to wait until March to put out my spring things but it is so warm here right now I want to go pastel!!


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