Coronado Springs Resort Review {Disney Trip 2019}

Back in the winter when we booked our trip to Disney World, we knew we wanted to upgrade our accommodations from a Value resort to a Moderate. We wanted a place with a room that was inviting and comfortable for afternoon rest, with a relaxing environment and access to a nice pool. Coronado Springs checked all the boxes!


We were in Casitas 5, room 5370. The big building you see in my first picture is the new Gran Destino Tower – we did not stay there. We were in the older buildings that have been recently renovated and we loved it! The room felt so fresh and clean.

We also loved the ceiling fan for cooling off during our afternoon naps. ๐Ÿ™‚

There is so much storage! The large cabinet on the right hand side of the counter is hiding the refrigerator. The Keurig was stocked with coffee, tea and liquid Coffeemate creamer cups. Tip – if you like flavored creamer, bring your own! Disney only stocks plain Coffeemate.

The bathroom also has so much storage! It’s so nice to have two sinks for getting ready quickly in the morning. The shower/toilet room has a pocket door, giving the room even more space. The rain shower has a sliding glass door and was really clean.

The closet on the right has storage shelves on top and bottom, perfect for shoes and hats. There are several hooks for towels or wet clothes – so helpful! There are lots of outlets and USB ports in the bathroom and the main area.

Disney’s “Mousekeeping” comes every day by 4 PM to clean your room and deliver fresh towels. I love walking into the room after a morning in the park to find the beds made, the trash emptied and the room tidied – it’s so luxurious!


We ate at the Quick Service Restaurant three times and really enjoyed the food. The menu varies a little each day, giving you variety throughout the week. The food court atmosphere can be a little hectic, but the dining area is very beautiful and airy. There is also a sports bar and a table service restaurant that we probably would have also visited if we were on a dining plan with table service credits.

I didn’t get any pictures of the desserts, but we had some delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies and a raspberry cheesecake brownie that was amazing! Click here to see the video on my YouTube channel showing what we ate each day, including the meals we ate at our resort.


We only visited the “Dig Site” pool and not the two “quiet pools” because we really loved the atmosphere at this one! There is a small quick service restaurant with sandwiches and a few ice cream treats at this pool – also a draw. ๐Ÿ™‚


Coronado Springs is also a Convention Center, so it is very large. We didn’t mind the size and really enjoyed exploring the resort! The Aztec/American Southwest theme is very prominent and really makes you feel like you’re at a secluded resort as opposed to the middle of a massive theme park.

The building above is the style where we stayed. Since this is a convention center, we often saw people sitting out here working on their laptops. It was very quiet and peaceful.

We brought our dessert into the lobby area after one meal. There are lots of places to sit and relax!

Because the resort is built around a lake (we’re not sure which came first, the lake or the resort), there’s a really nice breeze that makes it very comfortable even after a 90+ degree day!

This resort wasn’t on my radar at all – I’d never heard of it! We booked our vacation through Magical Moments Vacations, and our travel agent suggested it to us. TIP: use a travel agent when you book your Disney vacation! It doesn’t cost you anything! They can tell you about special promotions and help you find the best fit for your needs.

I highly recommend Amy at Magical Moments Vacations. We’re old friends and she isn’t paying me to recommend her, but she did a fabulous job helping me plan our trip. Besides, who doesn’t want to support a working mom while you’re planning a vacation? ๐Ÿ™‚

We absolutely loved our stay at Coronado Springs and can’t wait to go back! The only down side to this resort is the location. It’s sort of in between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, so the commute to Magic Kingdom can be a little long. There are several bus stops on the resort which add to your travel time as well. That’s the only down side, so I’m still a fan of Coronado Springs!


11 thoughts on “Coronado Springs Resort Review {Disney Trip 2019}

  1. We stayed at Coronado Springs on one of our vacations… I can remember lying in the hammock with my husband while my mother in law watched the boys napping on our rooms. It was like a mini honeymoon in the middle of our family vacation! My boys loved that pool so much they often asked to go back to the hotel and swim instead of checking out more of the parks. Looks like they’ve made a lot of lovely updates/upgrades to it since we stayed there.


  2. Oh wow! Looks like you had a great time! We love the towel designs that โ€œMousekeepingโ€ leaves behind. And since our kids always have stuffed animals in the room, they do the cutest things with them, like posing them in cute places around the room. One time we came back to the room at night to find a hammock of a bedsheet tied between our bed posts with all the stuffed animals sitting in it. The tv was turned on and the remote was being โ€œheldโ€ by one of the stuffed animals in the hammock to look like they were watching the Disney Chanel. So cute!! They certainly go above and beyond to entertain their guests! Glad you had a good trip. โ˜บ๏ธ


    1. That is SO cute!! I’m always amazed at the level of detail Disney provides. When we turned on the TV, the welcome screen said “Welcome, Pendell family!” Those little touches make a big difference.


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