DIY Mounted Flat Screen with Hidden Cords

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The fact that the title of this post begins with “DIY” makes me chuckle. I’m the farthest thing from a DIY’er, and my charming husband is not far behind me. But rest assured, the only way I’m associated with this DIY project is that it happened in my home.

Mounting a flat screen on the wall always means you have to do something with the cords. In our case, our TV also has a computer, mouse and two hard drives attached to it. It makes for incredible TV viewing options, but it makes an ugly mess.

Thankfully, my husband had a grand idea to thread the cords through the empty space in the wall behind our TV (inspired I believe by this post), and to store the computer accessories on a shelf in the laundry closet which backs up to the TV wall.

Because we have a swivel mount, the cords are more visible than a flush mount TV. The convenience of being able to move our TV around in the open living space trumps the need for completely hidden cords. 🙂

Instead of the fish tape that was mentioned in the inspiration blog post, we need something that will thread the cords straight through the gap between the two walls. We clipped them to a tension curtain rod and fed the cords through that way.

Here’s what you see in my laundry closet, on the other side of the wall from the TV. I couldn’t be happier that this mess of cords is behind closed doors!

We do keep the mouse and remotes on the shelf in front of the TV simply for convenience. I used to hide them in the end table drawers, but I decided that life is too short to constantly be digging them out of there. LOL.

I also realized after my husband installed the shelf that I should have gone with a longer one. But as we are not DIY people – once something like that is done, we are more than happy to just move on and live with it!

Since this project requires more than one set of hands to thread the wires through the wall space, we’re calling it a DIWOP project (do it with other people). Ha!

Your TV setup might not be the same as ours – but if your TV is mounted on an interior wall it might work for you! No matter what, I hope this inspires you to get creative with the way you hide your TV cords.

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6 thoughts on “DIY Mounted Flat Screen with Hidden Cords

  1. That’s a great solution to your TV cord troubles. DIWOP sounds like a good set up. We had to recruit help from an electrician friend to help us with our TV cord issue. I’d love to learn how to DIY changing out light fixtures so I suggested to Kevin that he had that to his hobby list. I’m more of the shop for all the supplies person and then he makes the project happen 🙂


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