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Guest Post: The Comfort of A Quilt

I am so excited to introduce to you one of my favorite people! Today’s post is written by Millie Ray. Some may call her the queen of homemaking, or the consummate hostess, but I just call her Nana! My Nana knows how to make anyone feel comfortable in her home.
My lovely Nana
My lovely Nana

Today the blog will be about quilting. I think it’s definitely a comfort in the home. There is nothing like curling up with a big cotton quilt that someone has hand quilted for you. I began quilting some years ago, I did the Cathedral quilt for one daughter’s wedding. Then I put quilting aside for several years, while I was living a busy life going to and fro. Now in these retirement years it’s different with lots of time to invest in projects. When you retire you have to downsize, that includes your budget as well. No more constantly going on trips near and far, you have to be more discrete in your travels, and buying, too, unless you are gifted with lots of retirement money. So, I have quilted for some time now, almost constantly. It’s a good past time activity and very productive and useful. A well made quilt will last for years. We have one that my husband’s Aunt made in the 1940’s, and it’s still usable.

I have made quilts for our three daughters, and six grandchildren. Some I gave as wedding gifts, one for a college graduation, one for a grandson and wife who moved out West, and one for a single grandson, just because I thought he needed a warm quilt for winter. I have ignored the suggestion, that I make the five Great grandsons each a quilt. I will leave that for their Grandmothers. ๐Ÿ™‚

A comfy stack of Nana's quilts
A comfy stack of Nana’s quilts

I make my quilts by machine sewing the pieces together, that makes for a strong base. Then when that’s completed, I put the three layers together, top, batten, and backing, and then put it on a quilting frame,or use a lap held hoop, and begin my favorite part, hand quilting. I know some use the fancy machines now for that, but to me that’s cheating. I tend to go for the old-fashioned quilts and patterns too. I don’t like the modern ones that look like paintings. I get my inspiration from magazines, or seeing some online, from some of my many quilting books, and from other quilts that I see at shows.

I have five quilts here, that are ours. I am currently making another one for a gift possibly, and just because it’s been awhile since I made one. When I read about quilt making it gives me the desire and the ambition to make another, although I have slowed down due to Arthritis in the wrists. I’ve slowed down, but I’m not out. It’s a joy that gets me every time, and that’s the essence of quilting, good memory making.

9 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Comfort of A Quilt

      1. I just had to say what a comfort it is to snuggle under a quilt that’s been handmade. Just knowing the time, love and care that’s put into it is enough to bring comfort to a home AND a heart! How do I know? I’ve been the blessed recipient of Nana’s.handiwork!


  1. What special memories and gifts! My grandma took scraps of clothing and made quilts! I am attempting to make one for a granddaughter due in a couple of weeks. Love and warmth from Grandmothers!

    Thank you for sharing on your very special granddaughter;s blog!!


    1. That’s a good way to use materials, Pat. I made at least six quilts, with materials from my stash. Through the years I did a lot of sewing, and saved the left over material, so I was thrilled to be able to use it up, saving on the cost of the new quilts.


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