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Fall Comforts

The best part of my day is when I get to come home. I’ve always enjoyed decorating the inside of my home, but I’ve never done much on the outside. A few weeks ago I attended a decorating class, and one of the things I learned was the importance of investing time and a little money at your front entrance. The instructor mentioned that your guests shouldn’t be confused as to which door they should enter. Do you hate it when you arrive at someone’s home for a visit, and wonder if they’re one of those people who don’t use their front door? We don’t use ours much either, since we enter the house from our very redneck southern carport. Ha!

I took the front entrance challenge and spent about $25 on flowers and pumpkins for my front porch. I had several other pieces already on hand that I pulled together with the fresh things. I got my inspiration from Myra’s fall inspiration gallery. She always has the most lovely fall decor! Here’s my finished front porch:

Decorating the Front Porch For Fall Come Home For Comfort



detail front porch


Have you decorated your outdoor space for fall?


7 thoughts on “Fall Comforts

  1. I did put up a new Fall Swag on the door, I haven’t put any flowers on the porch. We put ornamental cabbages in the flower boxes, after taking out the summer flowers. Yours looks so pretty. I love the color of your door, it enhances the flowers and wreath


  2. Very pretty, I haven’t done mine yet, still have a few live blooms on my flowers and not sure I want to get rid of them yet. Nut yours is so pretty I may go ahead and do mine.


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