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Thankful For Housework

The other day my sister and I were talking about her upcoming wedding. She said, “I’m so excited to do laundry and make supper every night!” I don’t think her sheer love of laundry motivated that statement. She realizes that her gratefulness for the wonderful blessing of marriage to her sweetheart will bring gratefulness for the tasks that accompany it.

Pinterest is full of those cynical e-cards about women who bemoan their family’s requirement of supper every night, or who complain about the trials of cleaning a room with a toddler in it. Instead of complaining about the chores of your household, I challenge you to be thankful for the ones who cause those chores.

If my husband is away for a few days, the pillows on the couch are perfectly straightened, the laundry doesn’t smell like sweaty basketball players, and I can eat simple meals that don’t require much preparation. But I’m also without his companionship and personality that brings me so much joy and love. When my husband is home, we enjoy life together – including the work that accompanies it.

No one is happier to see an empty laundry basket than Peggy! Those dirty clothes get in the way of her nap time.
No one is happier to see an empty laundry basket than Peggy! Those dirty clothes get in the way of her nap time.

For more encouragement regarding your attitude towards work, RefreshHer has an excellent post titled “Sweet Work.”

What tasks have you learned to be grateful for?

11 thoughts on “Thankful For Housework

  1. I love this post! I too was so excited to do laundry and cook supper every night when I got married. Everyone told me, ‘you’ll get tired of it real fast’. But so far I haven’t! Sure there are some days when I’m tired or busy and would rather not have any chores, but I agree that when my husband is away and there aren’t as many chores to do, it’s actually lonely and empty. Helps me keep the right perspective about my household chores and see it as a joy in life that should be appreciated and not taken for granted.


  2. You are right, about your thoughts on being grateful that you have loved ones that need meals, clean laundry and straightening up after, without them we would be a lonely person in a perfectly clean and straight house (not a home)


  3. Love your thoughts on work…you’re so right! Without those people life would be far less. What a good perspective! Oh, and thanks for “leaving footprints” on my blog post! =)


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