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The Best of October

Once a month I like to highlight a few of my post from years past. Here are a few posts from Octobers gone by that I want to share with you again! 

1// I can’t let a month go by without sharing an organizing project! Last weekend I went to the grocery store a day later than usual, and our fridge was pretty bare. My husband remarked that there wasn’t very much in the fridge, but “It sure is clean!” Keeping the fridge looking nice really takes work! Here are my tips for Organizing and Maintaining the Refrigerator.

How to organize your refrigerator Come Home For Comfort 3

2// Monday’s post about eating home-cooked meals sparked some great discussion. I think I should mention that due to Paul’s current work schedule, we only eat supper together one night a week. Every other night he eats several hours later than I do. It’s not our first choice – it’s what’s necessary. Being a person who loves the activity of family supper time, I needed this reminder from two years ago: I Married A Workaholic.

Paul looks like Jim

3// My Facebook feed seems to always have one of those memes picturing a frazzled wife and a caption saying something like, “believe it or not, these people want a meal every night!” If you struggle with your attitude toward household chores, this post might encourage you: Thankful for Housework.

I also want to highlight a great post I read recently. Keri from Living in This Season has some great tips for Building a Strong Foundation For Your Marriage. It’s part of a great series I’ve really enjoyed!

Have you read any great posts recently? Leave a link in the comments – I always love discovering new blogs! 

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10 thoughts on “The Best of October

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post Whitney- so happy to have connected with you online. I am glad you all are making the busy season work right now. It can be hard, especially to keep our attitude right, but you are doing such a great job. When my husband was in grad school, I would just remind myself it was just for a season and to really make the other times count. Have a great night!


  2. Great idea highlighting some older posts. Those are some great, encouraging ones. Keeping a fridge clean and tidy is hard work. I try to do it often, but sometimes it falls to the bottom of the to do list. We have pretty wonky dinner schedules too… I went back and read your old post, and it definitely hit home!

    We went through a phase when my husband had a horrible work schedule in med school, and I had a really horrible attitude about the whole situation. Nothing like working really hard all day, to then go home and see your wife who’s annoyed that you worked hard all day. I had to really pray and get my attitude in check, and realize that he wanted to come home and spend time with me as much as I wanted him to. But work just gets in the way sometimes. And that’s ok! Giving family a warm, loving home environment to come home to makes a huge difference for everyone, including myself!

    Thanks for sharing those “oldies but goodies”!


  3. I enjoyed clicking back through some of your older posts. I read somewhere that this woman was thankful for her household chores – laundry, cooking, cleaning – because it meant that she had a family to take care of and love on. Cooking is probably my favorite responsibility at my house, but it makes me happy to know that I’m keeping things running smoothly for everyone when I tackle chores that aren’t as much fun for me.


    1. Cooking is probably my favorite as well – people get more excited about good food than they do a pile of clean laundry or a freshly scrubbed shower. 🙂 There’s more return on my investment with cooking!


  4. One of my favorite blogs was and is Kara Tippett’s Mundane Faithfulness. Kara went home to be with the Lord in March but friends are keeping the blog going with old posts, new posts etc. I am reading Just Show Up…a book by Kara and her friend, Jill Buteyn. It was published on Oct 1st and I love reading Kara’s last words to us. I sure do miss Kara…I feel like I KNOW all my blog friends.


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