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Not too long ago, someone asked me how often I made supper. It took me off guard just a little bit. My answer was simple. “Every night!” That’s not a hard question – we eat every night, so I cook every night. I don’t spend hours in the kitchen every day, but I always “cook” something for our meal.

My husband had a conversation with a co-worker who couldn’t remember the last time he had a home-cooked meal. I immediately sprang into Aunt Bee mode and told him to bring that poor man home for supper sometime. Paul and I both grew up in homes where our Mom made supper at home every night. Grabbing takeout feels like a second-rate option to a home-cooked meal!

So here’s my question for you. How often do you make supper?Β I am not under the illusion that the way I do things is the best or only way – so I want to hear what works for you!

Just a reminder, there won’t be any grocery hauls while I’m doing Vlogtober. Of course you can watch lots of the previous ones here if you need a grocery haul fix. πŸ™‚

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26 thoughts on “Aunt Bee Mode {Menu Monday}

  1. I grew up the same way! It wasn’t until I started teaching and listening to my students, that I realized a lot of people eat out most nights. We usually eat out or order pizza once a week, and I have a few easy, freezer meals that we eat when I don’t have a lot of time (or energy) to prepare a big meal. That chicken taco soup sounds good! I’m going to check out your recipe.


    1. It’s true – we think the way we live is the norm, and it isn’t always that way! Definitely try that taco soup. I made a huge pot for lunches this week and it’s been so nice to have on hand!


  2. I cook every night. We eat out when we are in the city for grocery shopping, which is about once a week. Cooking at home is economical, healthier and easier for me to control allergens. I think it’s great that you cook at home and invite people to join you. πŸ™‚


  3. Often we’re eating leftovers, but we do eat homemade food every night. I use my crockpot a lot, even when I plan to be home most of the day. It frees up time I can use to do other things, whether housework, crafting, writing, or studying.


  4. We have homemade dinners 6-7 nights per week. We do eat leftovers, and I often freeze 1/2 of a meal so I can cook once, eat twice. The “delay start” feature on my oven, and my crock pot get used a lot when it comes to dinner.


  5. We eat homemade supper at least six days a week. Sometimes I cook the meal and sometimes my husband (he loves to cook and always does a great job). On Fridays we often go out for dinner as a special treat after a long week.


  6. Not only do I cook dinner 5 nights a week, a cook lunch daily also. I own a daycare and feed my Littles wholesome meals. Today was cheese ravioli, broccoli and fresh peaches for lunch. Dinner tonight will be chicken cordon bleu, potatoes, salad and watermelon.


  7. We eat most of our meals at home. I don’t fix as much when John is working & not home for dinner, but even then it’s something like leftovers or sandwiches on homemade bread. I didn’t grow up having homemade dinners very often, and when we first got married we lived on frozen food & cereal. We’re doing much better now, but I’m not quite cooking every day.


  8. Your slow cooker chili sounds delicious!! I’m in the mood for soup so I’ve got to put that on the menu soon. I would say I cook 6 nights a week. We usually get take out or go out once a week and I do the rest. It’s cheaper to eat at home and oftentimes better πŸ™‚ I agree that I don’t spend hours in the kitchen every night, but I do make thoughtful meals my family enjoys.


    1. That chili recipe is the best I’ve made in a LONG time. I made it for company a few weeks ago and it got rave reviews. Your meals always sound so good – you seem to make things that aren’t “run of the mill,” plus you’re always pulling something yummy out of the oven! πŸ™‚


  9. There’s way-y-y too many benefits to family dinners with research now verifying what we’ve known all along. Besides I wouldn’t trade the conversation for anything ~ time to encourage, time to share and time to laugh. Loved it!!!


  10. I make all three meals each day, every day. We occasionally do take-out as a Saturday night treat for the whole family, but that happens maybe once or twice a month. Some people have resounded to this by saying that I’m either crazy, or spoiling my family. I guess I’ll wear that badge proudly. My love language is food ;-). Plus, it’s healthier and way more economical, which is important for our single income budget.


  11. My husband works really weird hours and is only home for dinner 2 or 3 times a week. I still try to cook for my two boys (ages 5 and 3), but I’ll admit we have a lot of soup and chicken nuggets. The nights that my husband is here for dinner, I usually go all out and make a big meal. πŸ™‚ We love taco soup at our house too!


    1. I’m right there with you! Right now my husband and I are only able to eat supper together one night a week. The rest of the time I eat alone and re-heat his later. It is hard to find motivation to cook when the main eater is absent!


  12. Well Whitney I am going to Fess Up and say not like I used to!!lol…Now that it is just us and we are older we try to eat light during the week so we can eat out with our friends on the weekend. I do try to make a big meal on Wednesday evenings and I always make a breakfast supper on Saturday night. Good for you cooking every evening after a long day at work!!


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