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High Five For Friday, October and Engagement Anniversaries!

1// Am I the only person who goes into Sephora to pick up their free birthday item and doesn’t buy anything? I still haven’t ever made a purchase in that store (it’s just too pricey for my blood!) but you bet I marched right in there for my free Nars lip crayons! I felt very wealthy and spendy strolling through the mall with that shiny black bag in my hand! It’s the little things in life, right? πŸ™‚

2// Monday is Peggy Macmillan’s 3rd birthday (In case you aren’t aware, my cats are named after the women of the Andy Griffith show). Peggy is such a sweet kitty and loves to snuggle. Other than eating any and all live plants I attempt to bring in the house , she’s basically a perfect pet. Alli picked her out at the shelter when I got Thelma Lou, but had to leave PeggyΒ with me when she got married. I didn’t mind. πŸ™‚


3// Wednesday night I was happily scrolling twitter when all the sudden my feed was flooded with the panicked tweets of The Office fans. What?? Netflix removed The Office?! Panic! Horror! After a few frantic Google searches, I learned that this was only happening to Netflix UK subscribers – and it was in my feed because it was already the next day across the pond. All is well here in the US of A. Whew. I breathed a sigh of relief. But to those of you who have lost The Office, I offer my deepest sympathies.


4// Tomorrow (10/3) marks five years since Paul got down on BOTH knees and asked me to marry him! I will be sharing a little more about our engagement during Vlogtober. πŸ™‚ Here’s a picture of us about a month before we got engaged, at his brother’s wedding. (What is up with my overkill jewelry!?)


5// Speaking of VLOGTOBER…here’s the first video!

Have a lovely weekend!Β 

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23 thoughts on “High Five For Friday, October and Engagement Anniversaries!

  1. Happy birthday to Peggy! She sounds like a lovely pet. Have a good time celebrating your engagement anniversary this weekend. I so enjoyed watching the Vlogtober videos! It will be a fun month!


  2. You have amazing will power resisting the urge of Sephora. πŸ™‚ But what was your free gift? Happy birthday to Peggy! And I just love all your hashtags on IG for that Office scare. I even panicked reading the story that they were taking down the Office UK version, which I love too. But phew! I’m safe to laugh. Have a fantastic weekend celebrating your engagement anniversary!!


      1. Ah! Yay. Those lip crayons are good! I like the more neutral color with just a little of the red over top. Not as intense. And the UK one took me a few episodes to warm up. It’s also a lot more awkward than the US. And the boss is more dis likable πŸ˜‰

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  3. You totally described my experience picking up my Sephora bday gift this year! I can very easily get into trouble at Sephora, but this year I just marched right it and got my NARS lip crayons (and only that!)! Glad to hear someone else did the same thing! πŸ™‚ And your cat is so cute, omg. Happy birthday to her!


  4. Happy Birthday Peggy! I have two plant eating cats at my house. It always confuses me because it can’t taste good. Hope you have a great weekend and glad you got your freebie from Sephora. I buy my makeup on-line there and love the freebie options they offer with a purchase. You get free shipping and then I can usually find a few free sample codes for all kinds of fun things to try.


  5. Headed to NC today and Rain Rain Rain…but I will be glad to see my old besties!! I am saving your first Vlogtober post to watch when I get home. Love the picture of you and cute.


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