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The Confessions of a Couponer

Every once and a while, someone will ask me what I like to do for fun. I always pause for a second and mentally scan through my weekly activities.

“Well, I like to cook…and I enjoy working around my house….oh and I love to grocery shop. Couponing. That’s my hobby.”

I’ve never had gobs of money to blow, but I’ve been blessed to always have enough money to meet my needs. There have been a few months where we had to check the bank balance every day (ever been there?), but for the most part, my needs have been met with a little extra to spare. I don’t attribute that to a large bank balance, but to the ability to live within my means. I was raised in an anti-entitlement environment where I was quite aware that life wasn’t going to be made “fair” for me, but that I had to deal with what I was given and choose joy no matter what.

That must be where I got my love of a bargain. I get such satisfaction from working a little bit to get something at a lower price! I’m a planner by nature, so I’m not about to wander into the grocery store and pick up whatever catches my eye. Grocery shopping is almost like a scavenger hunt! I plan out what I’m going to buy based on the sales and corresponding coupons, and set out to find the right products to fill my cart and lower my out of pocket expense! Doesn’t that sound like fun? 🙂

my twitter and instagram frequently boast my love of coupons
my twitter and instagram frequently boast my love of coupons

I like to tell people that saving my family money by lowering our household expenses is what I do best. I’m not great at DIY projects, sewing,  singing , making complicated desserts or even hanging pictures. It’s nice to have the chance to do something you love.

So, what’s your hobby?


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