Friday Favorites

High Five For Friday!

Happy Friday! I didn’t have the best week ever, but there were some definite bright spots….

H54F Come Home For Comfort - Edited

  1. My sister has entertained me since 1991. Nobody makes me laugh like this kid! I can’t believe she’s getting married in 6 months! (I’m stocking up on Kleenex, it’s going to be a “knee deep in tears” kind of day.)
  2. It’s basketball season, which means I occasionally get to accompany my referee husband to colleges around the southeast. He worked a game at our Alma mater this week, and here he is looking all tough before the game.
  3. Sometimes I listen to my Andy Griffith Show DVD’s during my morning commute. Listening to the dialogue brings out parts of the incredibly hilarious script I’ve missed over the years. This is great comedy, people!
  4. My kitties don’t snuggle like they did when they were babies, so this rare snuggle session was too cute to miss!
  5. You! I’m so thankful for my readers! Whether you read every day, once a week, or if this is your first time here, I’m thankful for you!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


4 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. haha, I love the picture of your “tough” husband. when I see those kinds of pictures from my husband it always brings a smile to my face because he looks tough, but he’s so sweet… and your kitties are so cute!


  2. Good blog! I loved the pictures you posted, especially the one of you and Ali. Your husband looked like “All business” in the photo, and I know he loves what he does, which is wonderful.


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