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High Five For Friday!

H54F Come Home For Comfort

  1. I love Cyber Monday! On Monday I finished all my Christmas shopping while on my couch, in my pj’s! I got some great deals on things for my family…and I got a few things for myself. The Body Shop ran a 50% off + free shipping sale, and I just couldn’t resist! I follow Essie Button on YouTube and she is a big time Body Shop fan. I can’t wait to get my pretties in the mail!
  2. Thanksgiving was last week, I know…but this week I have still been thinking about the good times I had with my family!
  3. I got my tree decorated early this week. I am in love with how it turned out! More details on that next week. πŸ™‚
  4. One year ago my sister and I went to the Humane Society and adopted our kittens! They were so little! They aren’t little anymore, but they’re still precious.
  5. I’ve been reading through Matthew in my devotions the last several weeks. I read through the story of Jesus’ death on the cross on Wednesday, and I couldn’t wait to get back to it on Thursday for the best part! Jesus’s resurrection is what gives me hope! I know He lives because He lives within my heart.

How was your week?

I’m linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday!


4 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. I love The Body Shop! And the best part is that they donate a portion of their proceeds to end slavery! I hope you love your items! πŸ™‚


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