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What’s In Whitney’s Pocketbook?

I have a fun post for you all today! My new friend Ashley from The Grits Blog invited me to be a part of her “What’s in my pocketbook?” series and I couldn’t be more excited to join the fun! You know anyone who refers to their purse as a “pocketbook” has to be a sweet southern delight. 🙂 She believes the contents of your purse say a lot about you…let me know if you think that’s true based on what I’m about to reveal! 🙂

whats in my pocketbook

purse of choice The pocketbook I’m currently using is a silver Baggallini shoulder bag that was a gift from my Mom. Wasn’t that nice of her? She has given me several purses over the years that have been my favorites – they’re functional and hold all my stuff yet always get compliments! I only change purses every four months or so. Changing purses increases the risk of leaving something important at home, so I minimize that risk by sticking with a neutral bag. 

purse contents

purse details

I must have lipstick with me at all times. My lips are deathly white and I can’t stand the way they look or feel without lipstick. And yes, that comb is specifically for teasing, because the worst thing (after white lips) is flat hair. What am I revealing about myself? Ha!

purse details 2Yes, I need TWO containers of ibuprofen. Some days at the office are just like that.

boring stuff

I’m loving my little planner that I picked up at Target. It’s been super helpful to keep track of all my blogging details.

Does anyone else still carry their checkbook with them?

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my purse! I think it’s fun to see what others carry around with them. Be sure to visit Ashley at The Grits Blog for the rest of her pocketbook series! 


2 thoughts on “What’s In Whitney’s Pocketbook?

  1. Pocketbook is an old name, just like Davenport is for the sofa nowadays. I get a kick when I see the old phrases used by ” Modern Millie’s” like you. I am constantly changing my purse to match my shoes, because that is the way things were done in Older times! It is a challenge to remember to put everything back into place. Surprisingly enough, I no loner carry a checkbook, I use my Debit card exclusively when I’m out and about. The checkbook is used at home when paying bills.


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