An Organized Life

Organized life

One day last week I opened the fridge to discover what can only be described as a MESS. The shelves were loaded with dishes and containers full of leftovers, the walls splattered with sticky residue, the produce bins lined with garlic skins and pieces of crusty cheese.

How did my fridge get so gross? I just cleaned it! 

Didn’t I? When did I clean the fridge last? It was that week I was on vacation…in July. Oops. 

Have you had this experience with an area in your home? Our natural reaction is usually, “why do I even bother to clean?! It will just get messy again!” I hate to break it to you, but having an organized space isn’t a one and done experience. An organized life requires maintenance.

Something that helps me control the clutter and mess that threatens to overtake my home is this: when I notice something is getting out of control (like the fridge), I plan to tackle that project on my next cleaning day. I spend about two hours cleaning my entire house on Saturdays, and I add a different project to my routine each weekend. Last Saturday was the fridge, this Saturday is my master closet. Right now my closet doesn’t look quite like it did here, but it will on Saturday! Taking these projects one weekend at a time isn’t overwhelming, and it helps me keep my house ready for company without giving me a migraine.

What project will you be tackling this weekend? Or am I the only one with clothes in the floor of my closet? 🙂

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