Corner Cabinet Organization

Organizing Corner Cabinet 6

I have a decent amount of storage in my kitchen, for which I’m grateful. There’s a corner cabinet that’s perfect for holding larger items that are too wide for my other cabinets. Because it’s wedged back in a corner between the counter and the kitchen sink, I’m really only able to access the front of the first two shelves without grabbing my step ladder. This causes my lazy to kick in. I shove things on the shelves and end up pushing the other items further back on the shelves, creating a bit of a mess. Like this:

Organizing Corner Cabinet 2

I took 20 minutes on Saturday to get up on the step ladder and put things where they actually belong. Because this cabinet is harder to access, I use it to store mostly seasonal dishes that are not being used. I took a few minutes to evaluate whether I needed to keep each item, and ended up with a good pile of mugs that I’m giving away (5 minutes after posting the pic on Instagram, I’d found homes for 4 of the mugs)!

Organizing Corner Cabinet 3

As with all my organizing projects, I took great pleasure in admiring my work. The “before” pictures assure me that my labor was not in vain!

Organizing Corner Cabinet 4

Organizing Corner Cabinet 5

I left some room to grow, since I knew I had a few mugs in the dishwasher. I also noticed some water marks on the bottom shelf, probably from putting things away when they weren’t completely dry! This is the only cabinet that doesn’t have lined shelves – and that will change as soon as I find another roll that matches the rest of my shelf liner paper.

Sometimes bringing organization to a cabinet only takes a few minutes of maintenance…and I firmly believe that an organized life requires maintenance!

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10 thoughts on “Corner Cabinet Organization

  1. Your corner cabinet looks great – it’s a good idea to place seasonal items in the areas that are not as easily accessible! I have a bottom cabinet that is very deep, and I’ve always found it difficult to manage. I would often keep shoving things back further and further in there! However, a few months ago, I finally organized it! I placed seasonal/party items on the top shelf (it still requires taking things out to reach the back of the cabinet, but at least they are items I don’t use on a daily basis – unlike the pasta/rice/soup I previously had in there!); and I placed a plastic bin on the bottom shelf which I can just pull out – it’s easy to grab any needed items, then slide the bin back in!


  2. Those sneaky corner cabinets! They are hard to keep organized, for sure. Especially when they are up high like yours! Love that you tackled it in 20 minutes! I struggle with the lazy when it comes to pulling out the step stool. It’s a 10 second task, but one I ignore often! Why??? I have a similar cabinet, and I need to reevaluate putting only seasonal or rarely used items in there. Good tip!


  3. I love easy project like this because I think everyone has that one cabinet that could use some attention. Great job picking some things to give away, leaving room for things in the dishwasher and tidying up a super spacious cabinet. I love your pumpkin soup bowls! I have a cabinet that is calling my name right now – the one with all of my kitchen appliances 🙂


  4. My corner cabinets are the bane of my existence Whitney. In our little house I plan to have deep drawers for storage and just shelves on the wall instead of upper cabinets. That will force me to keep them organized. I am 5’7″ and I still have to get out a step ladder to access my top cabinets because they are mounted on 10 walls. I would love to redesign my kitchen but I fear it is just too expensive right now. Maybe someday.


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