The Benefits of Reading With Your Husband

The benefits of reading with your husband via

Last week when I talked about the benefits of praying with your husband, several people commented that they found reading through the Bible or another book to be beneficial for their relationship. We’ve found this to be true for us as well. Over the summer we began working through various Bible studies and really enjoyed thinking and talking through what we read. In the video below I’ll go into more detail about the book we’re currently reading.

Here are a few of the benefits we’ve experienced from reading together:

  1. It gives you a project you can work on together
  2. It helps you learn how your husband thinks and processes information
  3. It brings up topics of conversation that you may not otherwise discuss

Here’s a word of caution – don’t use a book as your way of making your husband change. For example, if the two of you struggle with communication, I don’t suggest shoving a book on that topic in his face and demanding that you read it together each night. We started out with a study guide that our church provided as a companion to our Pastor’s summer message series. After working through a few of those, I asked my husband if he would be interested in reading through our current book and he agreed. If you approach a book on marriage with an open heart toward your own need to change, things will go a lot better. 🙂

If you want to hear about the book we’re reading right now, watch my video below!

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9 thoughts on “The Benefits of Reading With Your Husband

  1. What great tips! It is true that you’ll gain an insight into your husband’s communication style and how he thinks when you read out loud. My husband and I started off our dating relationship reading the Bible together, section by section. It was so helpful! But, woefully, we haven’t started that back up. We NEED to do this! Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.


    1. I think reading through the Bible would be helpful for us too. We both attended Bible college (Paul was even a Bible major), but sometimes we have to stop and look up something that we’ve forgotten. A refresher walk back through the OT would be good! 🙂


  2. I like the idea of reading a book together. We are currently each reading books on our own and will discuss them with the other person. It’s been fun to share a book this way because I’d likely never pick up the serious books he’s reading.


  3. I used to read a lot of marriage books when I was newly married. I wanted our marriage to be perfect. Well like you, I learned that only through prayer and obedience could I have the marriage I wanted. Now 39 years later I think I would say to a young wife, there are some things that will not change with your spouse. It is the way they are wired but I can change my reaction to that particular trait. We have learned to live in harmony by accepting each other’s little foibles. ( not sinful things mind you but just our personality traits….like my putting things in places he cannot find or rearranging the kitchen…heaven forbid.) Loving your vlogs…I am going to hate to see October end.


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