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The Benefits of Praying With Your Husband

Paul and I made a joint New Year’s Resolution to pray together as a couple, at least once a week. We’ve been praying together each night before bed since January – we take turns praying each night and have only missed a few times when Paul was traveling or we were just tired and forgot. I can’t say enough to how beneficial this has been for us! Here are just a few of the benefits I’ve experienced from praying together each day.

The benefits of praying with your husband via

It allows you to carry each other’s burdens.

When I hear Paul talk to God about my needs, I feel the burdens lifting from my heart. I know I can take my burdens to the Lord and leave them there, but it’s even better when my husband takes those burdens to the Lord for me. The same is true when it’s my turn to pray for Paul’s needs. I know I can’t fix things, but taking our requests to the One Who can – what an encouragement! Some nights I’m just too tired or burdened to pray when it’s my turn. Instead of just rolling over and going to sleep, Paul prays in my place. I can’t tell you what that does for my weary heart! 

It is a project you can work on together.

We don’t just pray for each other. We pray for our families and their needs. We pray for our co-workers who need the gospel. We pray for people we have difficulty dealing with. When we see an answer to one of those prayers, we get to share in the joy together! There have been several times recently that someone has shared good news with us and we’ve been able to say, “That’s awesome! We have been praying for that!” It’s a special bond when you see God answer a request that you gave together.

It helps you to learn about your husband.

Paul prays about the things that are important to him. When I listen to the things he brings before the Lord, I can learn what weighs heaviest on his heart. This helps me know how to pray for him in my own personal quiet time, and it helps me know how I can encourage him throughout the day.

Marriage is hard. We cannot “make it work” on our own – we need Jesus! Praying together invites Jesus into our marriage and helps us remember that His love is the basis for our love toward each other. 

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24 thoughts on “The Benefits of Praying With Your Husband

  1. I loved this post!! Thank you for the reminder of all the benefits of praying together with your spouse. Kevin and I have done better with this at different times in our marriage. I love knowing what’s important to him and like you said it’s so nice to share your burdens with your spouse. We are working hard to establish family prayer routines with Olive and I’d love to work on praying together before we go to bed. Thank you for your kind reminder of the importance of praying with your spouse.


  2. This is wonderful. My Hubby and I used to pray together every night, before our daughter was born. Our schedules got all mixed up and we quit doing it. I feel inspired to try again, especially with our daughter adhering to routine, now. What an encouraging post.


  3. This is so great, Whitney! I love the idea to set a goal of at least once a week. My husband and I are hit and miss when it comes to praying together, but having a goal might be the right motivation. I always love hearing my husband pray because like you, I can understand more of what is on his heart.


  4. Whitney, you are such a blessing & encouragement! I love it when my husband & I pray together – we need to be more faithful to do it regularly…I know we miss a blessing when we don’t.


  5. This is such a blessing that you two have begun this practice early in your marriage. We did not (although we did always pray with our kids before bed), but quite a few years ago we decided to take time and pray together before going to bed. It sure has been a blessing to us for all of the reasons you mentioned. I know it has brought us much closer. Thanks for sharing this!


  6. This post really spoke to me Whitney. I especially like the part about how praying together lets you know what weighs heaviest on your husband’s heart and helps you to better encourage him throughout the day! This is such a great idea and I hope I can convince my hubby to try it with me! Thanks for always being such a wonderful inspiration!


  7. This is a wonderful post, Whitney. I think it’s very important to pray and share your faith with your spouse. My husband and I are currently reading a religious book together – we take turns reading and then we have a bit of time to reflect. We are always looking for more ways to integrate things like this into our relationship!


  8. This is definitely something we need to work on. Our resolution as a couple was to read through the Bible together, and so far we are on track, but I think you have made the harder and better — more rewarding — resolution. 2016!


  9. I am glad you started this as young marrieds Whitney. I have to admit this is something I wish we had made a habit but we did not and even now it is something that we do not do enough. I like what you said about just hearing your husband pray for you lifts your burden. I totally understand that!!


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