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Saving Money on Groceries – Tip #2

I’m sharing my grocery saving strategies that have saved us at least $1900 every year. Tip #2 is all about coupons!

saving money on groceries part 2

There is a TON of information all over the internet about saving money on groceries with coupons. I’ve probably read all of it. 🙂 Everyone has their own opinion of what works and what doesn’t work. Whether you’ve never used a single coupon or whether you’ve used coupons for three years and you’re totally burnt out with them, I want to encourage you to give it a try! I will try my very best to keep it simple and uncomplicated.

coupon savings

That picture is from one of my weekly shopping trips at my grocery store. Any time I share a picture like that on social media, I get this question: where do you get those coupons? Today I’m sharing my secrets! (They’re not really secrets…that just sounds cool.)

Where to get coupons:

1. Your local paper

Get the paper from the largest city available. Bigger cities produce papers with more coupons. I buy two papers on Sundays when the paper has more than one coupon insert. I use Southern Savers to tell me how many and what kind of coupons will be in the inserts, and from that I decide how many papers to buy that week. Additionally, the city we live in produces a free local paper once a week that always has one coupon insert! I only cut out the coupons for the products I think I’ll buy.


You can easily waste hours of your time and reams of your personal paper printing coupons. I only print coupons from here if I know I’ll use the coupon for a specific shopping trip. I’ll talk more about that later this week.

3. Catalina Coupons

These are the coupons that you receive along with your receipt at the register. Sometimes the coupons are magically for items you just bought. Love that! 🙂

4. Mobile Coupons

My favorites are Ibotta and Target Mobile. I know there are TONS more, but I just use those two.

5. Manufacturers Websites

Any time I want a specific brand or product and don’t have a paper coupon for it, I check the product’s website for coupons. Sometimes I find some great savings!

Coming up next: how to organize coupons! 


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