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Saving Money on Groceries – Setting a Weekly Grocery Budget

I’m sharing my grocery saving strategies that have saved us at least $1900 every year. Here is my 4th and final tip!

saving money on groceries tip 4

This tip is another one that works well on its own, yet works even better with the other strategies I’ve shared. I can guarantee this one will save you money! This tip is like the My Fitness Pal of grocery shopping – Set a weekly grocery budget and stick to it. 

How to determine your weekly grocery budget:

Decide how much money you can spend per person each week. 

I don’t mean that you should assign each person their own portion of the budget – but it does help to somewhat think of it this way. For instance, I buy groceries for a family of three, and my budget is $25/person each week. I can’t spend more than $75 on groceries, otherwise I’ll be over budget.

This amount will vary based on the age and dietary needs of your family members. Keep in mind that this number may grow or shrink depending on diet plans, lunchtime arrangements, etc.

How to stick with your weekly grocery budget:

If you are used to mindlessly tossing items into your shopping cart, I suggest that you use a calculator while you shop. Enter each item into the calculator as it goes into the cart. If you reach your weekly limit before you finish your shopping, re-evaluate your choices and take out the unnecessary items. This is also a great tool if you are shopping on a truly limited income where you absolutely must stick to your budget to stay afloat. I’ve been there!

If you have some wiggle room in your bank account, it’s easy to go overboard at the grocery store – even for good things. Sometimes I come across a whole section of marked down lunch meat for which I also have coupons. Score! But beware….that stack of prized lunch meat will easily add $10-$15 to the total that day. I allow myself overages from time to time, but I always make a note to keep myself that much under my weekly limit the following week. 

Refuse to make last-minute trips to the store. This is a hard one, but it forces you to use what you have. Going to the closest store for that last ingredient causes you to pay whatever they’re charging for that item (instead of shopping the sales) and will quickly send your weekly grocery budget out the window. I am the first one to crave a triple-layer brownie recipe as I’m browsing Pinterest, but instead of running to Walgreens for cream cheese and chocolate chips, I add the recipe to my “want to make this” board. The next time cream cheese and chocolate chips are on sale, I know what I’m doing with them!


We’ve come to the end of my “Saving Money on Groceries” series! I hope the things I’ve shared have been helpful for you! Please let me know if you have any questions. Here’s to saving money on groceries!

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