Organizing Your Kitchen Utensils

I’m continuing my series, “Organizing Your House – One Room at a Time,” with a quick peek into my kitchen utensil organization. Most people have one or two drawers in their kitchen dedicated to all the utensils required for cooking, and sometimes those drawers can really get out of hand. Here’s how I organized my utensils:

kitchen utensils

The biggest problem in utensil drawers usually comes from filling the drawer too full. Go through your drawer and pull out anything you never use and throw it away (or donate it if it’s still in good condition).

Another problem comes from letting everything roll around in the drawer without any containers or division. I picked up my drawer organizer at IKEA for $1, but you can also find these at the Dollar Tree or Target.

utensil drawer detail

I have corralled things I reach for often in this large silverware organizer. They all fit nicely in the slots, but each piece doesn’t have to go in the exact same slot every time. The front two compartments are the exception, but I feel like it’s obvious that those things fit well there. It is important to have an organization system that works well for you and is easy for everyone else to work with.

The very back of the drawer is hiding a few rarely used utensils (dough hook and turkey baster). I also put a few packages of cupcake toppers on the side of the organizer – they are easily accessible and don’t slide around there.

utensil drawer detail2

Here’s the front of the drawer. I put sticky tack on the bottom of that silverware tray to keep it from sliding when I open and close the drawer. I put the lemon juicer inside the pastry blender to keep it from rolling around. I don’t like it when things roll around, in case you hadn’t noticed. 🙂

Just like with any organized space, I have to go in every once and a while and straighten the contents. Maintenance is the key to successful organization! Does your kitchen utensil drawer need a little organization?


9 thoughts on “Organizing Your Kitchen Utensils

  1. Oh. MY . GOSH! My drawers look like a tornado went through them – I honestly couldn’t even tell you what we have and don’t have it LOL

    I can’t wait until our house is down and I get everything organized like you!


  2. Looks lovely. It’s true that maintenance is key. I like the idea of putting sticky tack on the bottom of the organizers! I’m going to try that. I have one wide, narrow drawer where my things slide forward all the time. Grrrr. Thanks for the suggestion! Your drawer liner is so pretty, too!


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