Date Night Challenge Update – Valentines Day

Date Night Challenge Come Home For Comfort

How are you doing with the 2014 Date Night Challenge? If you haven’t set aside time each week to spend with your spouse, I hope you’ll consider adding it into your schedule! Being flexible is part of making weekly date night a successful event.

My husband had to work the evening of Valentines Day, so we planned weeks in advance to go out to a special dinner on Thursday night instead. Unless you’re on the other side of the world, you know the South was hit with a ton of snow and ice last week…and the only restaurant open on Thursday night was McDonalds! We opted to eat at home that night and pushed our Valentines celebration to Saturday night.

My husband loves giving me “big” gifts at any given time, and he can never wait until the actual holiday to present me with it. On Tuesday evening he took me to the Verizon store to pick up my brand new (gold) iPhone 5S. I’m in love with it! You may not think that’s a very romantic Valentines Day gift, but I’m a happy wife. 🙂

Friday morning (Valentines Day) I set out Paul’s gifts for him to find after I’d left for work. He’s a Star Trek fan and I was thrilled to find these free printable Trekkie valentines.


We planned to meet at the restaurant on Saturday since Paul was traveling back from work in another city. I hadn’t seen him since early in the day, so I carefully chose my outfit to coordinate with what I knew he was wearing and then sent him a teaser selfie of me in my date night outfit. Obviously my husband knows what I look like as well as what outfits I have to choose from, but it’s always a good idea to remember that your husband is visual! I wanted to give him something to think about while he was driving to meet me. 🙂

valentines day recap

For dinner, we shared a plate of spaghetti and meatballs (so romantic, right?) at Macaroni Grill. I like eating there because there are no TV’s or loud music to hamper our conversation. It was a lovely time of food and fun! I’m so thankful to have a handsome, charming man to share my life with!

Did you do something special with your spouse for Valentines Day?


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