Date Night Challenge Update

Date Night Challenge Come Home For Comfort

As I was planning this week’s date night, I came across a great quote on my Date Night Ideas board.

“It’s all in how you approach your relationship.

Choose joy!  Choose gratitude!  Choose forgiveness!  Choose love!”

I love to watch couples interact, particularly couples with good relationships. Recently I’ve been “studying” a couple with personalities similar to mine and my husband’s, and the thing that strikes me is the way they approach every situation. They look for the things they find amusing about the other (choosing joy) and the things they appreciate about the other (choosing gratitude). They don’t linger on disagreements (choosing forgiveness). They treat each other with affection and admiration (choosing love).

After asking the Lord to help me apply those things to my relationship, I’ve seen some pretty great results. I am not saying that our relationship is perfect. However, when I approach a situation with my husband and choose joy, gratitude, forgiveness and love (instead of my default approach of selfishness, pride and impatience), the results are so much more fun!

Friday night was our date night last week. I made supper at home, and we ate it while watching a particularly suspenseful episode of Castle. I’m not a huge fan of suspense, but it’s always good when TV or movies call for some extra cuddling with your protector! Right girls? We set our phones aside and enjoyed the time together without any distractions.

How are you doing with the 2014 Date Night Challenge? If you haven’t set aside time each week to spend with your spouse, I hope you’ll consider adding it into your schedule!


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