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High Five for Weddings!

It’s wedding weekend! My sister is getting married tomorrow! I’ve been in Tennessee for a good part of the week, running errands and helping with last minute details. It’s a wonder we got anything done for all the laughing…but that’s just how it goes with us. Here’s a look at my week!

But first…a quick look back three and a half years ago to my wedding! It is so fun to share these moments with my sister. Now it’s her turn!

wedding als me

Running errands with the bride. I’m sure we’re quite a sight in public, stopping at random moments to quote the exact same line from The Office, then bursting out in identical waves of laughter. Nobody else makes me laugh like that!

target run

The view out my parent’s back door is so lovely!


I’m not the only cat lover in my family. My parent’s cat, Liza Jane, has quite the luxurious life. She’s so pretty (and I think she knows it).

liza jane

Alli and I had a delicious time yesterday, stocking these beauties for the reception. I can’t wait to see everything once it’s completed. My sister has planned a really fabulous wedding!


Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more wedding weekend (and cat) pictures! I’ll be back on Monday with a new and simple organizing project. Come over and check it out!

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