Ordering Your Priorities In Marriage

Ordering Your Priorities in Marriage Come Home For Comfort

The other day while scrolling through the “about” section of my personal Facebook profile, I noticed the cursor turned into the little four-way arrow thing that means “you can move this around.” The items I could move included where I work, where I went to college, where I live, where I’m from as well as my relationship status. The line that said “Married to Paul Curtis Pendell” was the bottom line of that list.

That made me think.

What priority does my marriage have among everything else in my life? Does my marriage receive more attention than anything else?

  • Work
  • Children
  • Friends
  • My appearance
  • Household duties
  • Church responsibilities
  • Hobbies (blogging falls under this category for me!)
  • Extended family

It is so important to keep your husband at the top of your priority list. When God created woman, her original purpose was to be the helper fit for man (Genesis 2:18-24). None of the things I listed above are necessarily bad  – but we have to be careful to not let them take precedence over our marriage.

As a Christian, I believe that my relationship with God is the umbrella that covers everything else in my life. If I don’t put God first, everything else will be out of line – especially my marriage. After that, the most important thing should be my relationship with my husband. Everything else can get in line behind him.

What does that look like?

When I noticed my Facebook profile was out of order, I simply drug the relationship line from the bottom of the box up to the top. Similarly, putting your marriage in the right place takes action. Don’t wait for your husband to act – take initiative and make time for him! Just like the Facebook profile, you can move things around!

For me, that means making sure the housework is done before Paul comes home from work so that I can spend time relaxing next to him on the couch. It means lounging in bed a little longer than my list-driven personality wants to, so that we can spend that time together. It also means putting my phone in my purse during a date, no matter how many emails and Facebook notifications I’m receiving.

For you, that might mean hiring a babysitter so you and your husband can have a dinner date. Your children will survive one meal without your presence. They might even have fun! It might mean letting go of some things at work so that you’re able to spend a few hours in the evening with him. The walls of your office will not fall in if you leave right at five. Take action so that you can be the helper fit for your man!

Do the priorities in your life need some re-ordering? You won’t regret it!

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