Organizing Pet Supplies

Tips For Organizing The Supplies For Your Pet! Come Home For Comfort

You all know how much I love my kitties, Peggy and Thelma Lou. You probably also know how much I love organizing. Today’s post has both of those elements rolled together! 🙂

I used two basic principles of organization for this project.

Organizing Pet Supplies Come Home For Comfort Organizing Pet Supplies Come Home For Comfort 2

1. Corral similar items

All of the cat’s things are in the laundry room. The basket you see above hangs on the wall over the washer, and holds:

  • Kitty treats
  • An extra food dish for when we are gone overnight
  • Carpet cleaner for kitty messes
  • Extra toys
  • Kitty medicine
  • Samples of cat food I receive in the mail

On top of the washer is a container that holds my empty grocery bags – those get re-used as litter bags. I don’t have a picture of that, sorry!

Organizing Pet Supplies Come Home For Comfort 3

2. Communicate the organization system

I use a decorative container and a pretty scoop for my kitty food. It’s much easier to feed them out of this instead of a crinkly bag, and I just like the way it looks on my dryer! I also labeled the container, “Cat food,” for easy identification if someone feeds the cats while we’re away. I did this after dog and cat sitting for a family and not being totally sure which food went with which animal!

Here’s to organized pet supplies!

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Tips for keeping pet food and supplies organized and easy to find!



3 thoughts on “Organizing Pet Supplies

  1. Do you store all of your cat toys under the sofa and the stove like I do?? Haha I seriously tried to have a container for their toys, but it was useless. I do keep all of their items in one area to make my life easier. Your food container is much cuter than the plastic one I have from Petco 🙂


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