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High Five For Friday!

High Five For Friday

1// Family Time: Paul was out of town for work last weekend, so I hit the road for Tennessee. It’s always great to spend time with my parents and sister! I also helped my mom with a little organizing project in her linen closet. Check it out here if you missed it!

2// Other Family Time: There’s nothing like being with your hubby after he’s been gone for 5 days! Time spent apart always helps us not to take each other for granted.

3// Clinique Nail Enamel: A friend received a bottle of Clinique’s new nail enamel as a gift with her purchase. She’s not into polishing her nails, so she passed it on to me (everyone should have friends like that!). I loved how easy it was to apply, and it lasted all week with very minimal chipping. I also think my go-to Sally Hansen diamond shine top coat has a lot to do with that. This is the shade “Happy.”

4// DST! I agree, losing that hour of sleep is a ridiculously exhausting event. But is it ever nice to enjoy a few hours of daylight after work! I love being able to have the blinds open while I’m fixing supper, it makes me feel like I’m living my life instead of cramming it into the last few hours of the day.

5// Hob Lob: I found a sweet little Hobby Lobby gift card waiting for me after work yesterday! Paul said, “I hope you can find something you like in there…” 🙂 I will be in heaven while strolling the aisles this weekend!

 Have a lovely weekend!

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16 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. So happy for you that you enjoyed time with family while your hubby was away, and a had a sweet reunion when he returned! 🙂 Loving your mani color! How thoughtful is Paul to surprise you with a Hobby Lobby gift card?!! I could spend all day in that store. Happy shopping, girl! 😉


  2. That nail color is truly a Happy color!! I would be humming Pharrell’s “Happy” non-stop while wearing it! 🙂 Have fun shopping at Hobby Lobby – it is never hard to find something in there! Happy Weekend!

    {Hi from Five on Friday link up!}


  3. Glad you got to get away for a little family time this week. Did your cats make the trip with you? I love that shade of pink nail polish! It’s been a while since I painted my nails so I love to pick a bright shade of pink like this one. Can’t wait to see what you pick out on your Hobby Lobby shopping spree! What a thoughtful hubby you have 🙂


    1. Oh no, the cats HATE riding in the car. I wish I could take them, but it wouldn’t be a happy time for anyone. 🙂 I have a sweet kitty-loving friend that kitty-sat for me. And yeah, my hubs is pretty amazing! Hope you have a great weekend!


  4. Love that shade of polish! It’s perfect for Spring. I’ve never used Clinque polish before (honestly, I didn’t know they made it). I usually stick to OPI and Essie. I’m Laura and I’m hopping over from the Friday link up!


    1. Hey Laura! Thanks for stopping by! I didn’t know they made polish either (and I probably won’t pay their prices), but it was fun to try a new line. OPI is one of my favorites too. Hope you have a great weekend!


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